Handspun Yarn

'Ideas are easy. Its the execution of ideas that really seperates the sheep from the goats.'

Sue Grafton

                   Handspun Yarn          

If knowing your yarn has come from an ethical place is important to you then we are the people to buy from, as our yarn is handspun on the farm using the fleece from our flock of angora goats (unless stated).

We also work with local farmers to source fleece from a variety of breeds, only purchasing from those who have the highest standards of animal husbandry

Newmoor Barn yarn has been made from fleece which is sorted, washed and dyed by hand and hand carded before being handspun in to a wide selection of yarns for knitting, weaving and arts projects

Our handspun and dyed product allows our customers to purchase different effects and textures as well as knowing exact combinations of wool to mohair.

We spin yarn for knitting and art projects as well as for doll hair, although some are interchangeble.

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We can also produce combinations to customers own specification. 

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