Coiled Thick n Thin Pinks Yarn for Doll Hair

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Our Coiled Thick n Thin Pinks Doll hair yarn has been spun in a thick n Thin style with a mixture of sheep’s fleece including Texel, Shetland and Grey Faced Dartmoor. which is then Coiled around nylon to give this fantastic effect. Our doll hair yarns are semi felted to help prevent fraying when cutting to style your dolls hair, but with our coiled yarn I can't gurantee it not fraying, if cutting it is better to cut at the bottom of a thick piece. This yarn is available in 15, 30 and 45 metres. This yarn can be spun in a variety of colour ways and lengths, so if you want something a bit different then drop me a message. Our fleece is prepared and washed by hand on our small farm in Devon, England. All of the fleece used in our yarns is sourced locally to us so that we can ensure the animals supplying them are treated with care and respect. Owners are paid a fair price for their fleece to try to encourage the worth of the animals fleece rather than its meat.
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