Washed Fleece Selection Box 6 X 100g

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The Dorset Horn fleece is thick and creamy with a staple length of 12cm (4-5 inches) and is excellent for all applications especially nice to spin

The Whitefaced Dartmoor fleece is White, of good, long staple with a fairly strong curl. The wool should be moderately greasy and is useful for a wide range of applications including spinning and doll making

The fleece of the Cheviiot Hills is dense, firm, and should have no coloured hair or kemp. Lovely to spin with and good for giving volume to any project.

Our Mohair fibre comes comes from our own herd of Angora goats  It responds well to dyes and produces some intense and attractive colours.  Unlike wool, mohair is uncrimped and smooth and therefore sometimes difficult to spin; with an average staple length of 12 cm (5 inches).

Our Black Ryeland Fleece comes from a small holding in Cornwall. The fine staple is approximately 6 cm ( 2 inches) and the fleece that is thick and lustrous. Fleece colours vary from palest silver through many shades of grey to black

This Wensleydae loose fibre is sourced from a small flock of Sheep in Cornwall. Our Wensleydale fleece in 100g is hand sorted with a  length of approximately 5" (13 cm) and is excellent for spinning and a wide range of craft activities.

Weight 6 X 100g

At Newmoor barn we only source our sheeps fleece from local small farms which we can visit to ensure the animals are treated with care and respect. All of our fibres are processed entirely by hand.

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