Newmoor Arts


Newmoor Arts is a not for profit organisation that provides education, training and therapeutic sessions in the Creative Arts. All our sessions are run by teachers and artist at the top of their profession and are accessible to ANYONE who has an interest in the creative arts.

Activities and training include

Animal Husbandry

Learners will work with our animals gaining first hand experience of care and handling. Activities include grooming, feeding, exercise, animal behaviour, cleaning out and animal care. These activities are designed to encourage skills such as empathy, responsibility, memory and teamwork.

Fleece Preparation

Learners will learn all about the preparation of fleece using traditional techniques including washing fleece, combing and carding and dying. Fleece preparation encourages following instructions, time management, numeracy, listening and communication skills.

 Rural Crafts

Our rural crafts involve weaving, spinning and felting. Learners have the opportunity to express themselves through creative arts developing skills in self expression, design, communication, motivation and collaboration.


Learners are involved in all aspects of horticulture from preparing the land and sowing seeds to cultivation and harvesting. Through our horticulture module learners are encouraged to think about where their food comes from and grow what they would eat them selves. This module requires the participants to consider the world around them and how we need to work with nature tomake our food grow as well as providing food for the wildlife in their countryside.


Our pottery modules include handbuilding, throwing and slip casting and learners are able to make a wide range of objects allowing self expression and learning a wealth of new skills.


Our Drumming workshops will be tailored to meet the needs of each group. Drumming workshops include the following activities; Our Drum Circle workshops are designed for people of all ages no matter what their musical ability.The younger participants discover hearing new sounds and are taught basic musicianship and we teach participants basic techniques of how to play the drum and different rhythms. Our music workshops promote health and well being through music and drumming, stimulate the body and mind, encourage reality orientation and self awareness, allowing self expression and creativity as well as improving cognitive, sequencing an communication skills and improving social interaction.

and much more...


Through our activities we aim to encourage and increase;

Self Confidence - Motivation - Self Esteem - Communication - Self Expression - Teamwork - Achievement


For more information please contact us using our contact form or give us a ring for a chat on 01566 784 266.

Great Textiles Workshops for Adults with Disabilities in West Devon

 Following being granted some funding from the Gant Trust Newmoor Barn has just completed a series of Felting Wokshops offered to Adults with learning disabilities accross West devon.

The workshops covered learning about breeds of sheep and their fleece as well as learning how to use the fleece to create some wonderful work. Some of the work is below.TESTIMONIALS

“Very therapeutic means of expression, particularly when verbal communication has become difficult for some…”  (client)

"I've never seen my daughter mix so much with other children..." (Parent)

"Our son has always had issues understanding empathy. The Goats seemed to have helped with this. "  (Parent) 

"A fun place to be, delivering a high quality service." (socal worker)