A chance to see Newmoor Barn fibres being used by our very talented customers and an opportunity to be inspired to use       natural fibres in a variety of new ways.

If you would like us to display your work in our gallery please send your pictures to and let us know which of our fibres you have used.

You can click on the artists name and a new tab will open so you can view their fabulous work


Divina Bates ofCherished Baby Knits
Used our Premium Light Golden Blonde and Ebony on   
these babies

Click here to view the fibres  - Premium - Ebony

  amy_wilson amy_wilson_Reborn_Artist_using_Newmoor_Barn_Mohair
Amy WilsonofReturn to Innocence Nursery
Used our Premium Black Yearling and Suri Alpaca fibre on   
these babies

Click here to view the fibres - Yearling - Suri Alpaca



 Karen Ferrier

Used our Auburn Mohair on   
       this Miniture Ooak              

Click here to view the fibre.


 Angel Fairies


Used our
Alpaca Fibre to make this Fairy.

Click here to view fibre.


Jannette Preston


Rooted our Dark Brown Mohair on this reborn doll

Click here to view the fibre.


Turner prize nominee
Cathy Wilkes
Used our Dark Brown Wavy Mohair in her     Glasgow exhibition.

Click here to view the    fibre.



Michelle Bateson

Rooted this reborn with our Premium Curly Dark Brown Mohair.


Click here to view the fibre.


Claire Harris
Blushing Babies Nursery

 Rooted using our Premium Dark Brown Mohair.


Click here to view fibre.



Thistledown Nursery

Rooted using our Mid Brown Suri Alpaca.



Click here to view fibre.


Anne Perkins
Transformed this crochet scarf by adding our Loosely Spun Mohair Art Yarn.

Click here to view this Yarn



This light golden blonde Mohair wig was

made using Newmoor Barn Wefts.

Click here view our mohair wefts.


 This Suri Alpaca wig was made

at Newmoor Barn using Suri Wefts.

Click here to view our Suri Wefts.

Chris Hall
Used our Gotland fibre on this fantasy doll.

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