Teeswater Weft in Undyed 1 Metre

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Our Teeswater Locks are sourced from a small flock of Sheep in Cornwall. This Wensleydale is lovely, soft and silky and hand dyed in a variety of colours making it an excellent choice for doll makers. 

Each lock has been separated and is approximately  7-8  inches long and has been wefted to create a 1 metre long weft. 1 oz of locks are used to create the weft

These wefts are suitable for a wide variety of dolls hair as well as wig making.

Please note that due to the nature of our dying process there may be some slight variation in colouring.

We can weft any of our Teeswater or Wensleydale Locks so Just drop us a message if you want a different colour.

At Newmoor barn we only source our sheeps fleece from local small farms which we can visit to ensure the animals are treated with care and respect. All of our fibres are processed entirely by hand.

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