Know your Fibre

Know Your Fibre

If you wear or work with Natural Fibers and care about Animals this page may interest you!


At Newmoor Barn it is vital to know where our, and eventually your fleece comes from and in turn agitate for ever improving animal welfare.

Unfortunately there are many poor practises carried out as well as shocking cruelty shown to some animals in the struggle to provide the cheapest fleece for the global market.

Below are links to videos and websites that help us become more aware of where our fleece comes giving us information so we can ask more questions of our suppliers.

Some of the links on this page have some unpleasent images but knowledge is power!

If animal welfare and ehtical buying is important to you ASK where your fleece comes from!


Merino Fleece

A Link to PETA

Blog from  frankandfaith - The Truth behaind Merino Wool


What to do with old sheep?

A Link to PETA